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  1. Auditions are here!
    1st January 2021/Announcement
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    Auditions will be conducted for the Batch of 2024 on 3rd January, 2021 at 1600 Hours. The modes will be Google Meet and Google Forms for verbal and written auditions respectively. Auditions will comprise of group discussions, impromptu questions, abstract writing and one liners.
  2. Eclectic welcomes its new heads
    28th July 2020/Infomercial
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    Eclectic welcomes its new heads, Shanya Rai and Kunal Kanade. The Club would now function under the thoughtful eyes of our new heads with newer sub-departments established as follows:
    • Public Relations - Saksham Mahajan and Sarthak Jain

    • Social Media - Devang S. Bhandari

    • Editing and Development (Tech) - Jayesh Bhole

    • Research and Development - Ujjwal Dubey and Riya Aggarwal

    • Press secretary - Aman Shakya

    We wish our newest stakeholders all the best and a fruitful journey ahead!
  3. Eclectic IIIT Pune Launches Brand New Website
    26th July 2020/Infomercial
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    We are officially live on the internet. Welcome to Eclectic's website which will host the club's portfolio. We will be posting blogs covering a vast number of topics from fiction to current affairs, and Page 3 masala to BizTech. We will be launching Podcasts soon, stay tuned for updates! Explore our website to know more about us.