Blending Ideas For You!

This is Eclectic

From our humble beginnings, just a year after the inception of our parent institute, to its full-fledged form now. “Eclectic”, the literary and debating society of Indian Institute of Information Technology Pune has seen all the heights and depths in the many years of its existence. What started just as a club for literary enthusiasts in the institute to come together and colloquially “hang-out” has now become a professional society with a widespread and a respected community with a social responsibility, credit to which would definitely go to our members who have represented us on various national platforms. 

We see, we forget. We speak, we know. We write, we remember. As a community, we aim to instil the same feeling amongst our members. We promote public speaking and writing as forms of self-expression. The way to do them rightly in a way which has a substantial impact needs dedication and a motivation towards the cause and language, and we as a community try to encourage and support the best to our abilities, anyone interested and willing.

  1. Eclectic is founded

    In a humble Lecture theatre, a few enthusiasts come together and Eclectic, the club is formed.

  2. It’s Literae Fiesta

    Eclectic organizes its first ever Literature fest witnessing huge numbers, the journey is now set afoot.

  3. Pan India outreach

    Celebrating its 2nd anniversary Eclectic's representatives attend even more major literary events across the nation.

  4. Eclectic goes Online

    Even in these troubled times of the pandemic, we stayed connected as a community, organising online discussions and virtual critique conferences.  

Our vision is to promote the importance of good communication skills both spoken and written in the academic scene as it directly transcends into the professional world. In our country, talented students are falling behind and are not able to achieve what they would have otherwise achieved, because of lack of better communication skills.

As a community, we wish to empower students to develop skills they require to gain a competitive edge, we understand our social responsibility and we take every step we can to start-up a discussion.