Blending Ideas For You!

Who We Are?

With our cultural backgrounds hailing from Kolkata to Rajkot and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Eclectic isn’t just a club but a continuously growing group of individuals with a common thought and shared responsibility to build a literary society. A society that aims to encourage interests towards language and literature and help develop analytical and creative thinking skills.

Here at Eclectic, we organize a whole gamut of activities ranging from workshops, competitions, contests to community gatherings where constructive criticism is exercised and appreciated in discourses.

Our meet-up discussions include everything from general issues to esthetics and from political agendas to philosophical aspects of life.

In a nutshell, Eclectic, the official Literary and Debating Society of IIIT Pune, represents the perspectives and ideologies of not so geeky nerds who exchange thoughts, ethics and beliefs and work together to create a better environment for self growth and inquisitive learning.

What’s the Greatest advice I give? Develop excellent communication skills.

Julie Sweet
CEO, Accenture